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This picture was taken on Feb 25th 2010. notice that i'm technically bald on top of the forehead. Despite that, i have lots of dandruff even though i wash my hair every day! My with the Gamat Hair Shampoo, one of the amazing hair care products from Luxor Network!! At this point of time, i was still sceptical... can work ar? sure or not?

This photo was taken on March 2nd 2010 @ the office. After 1 week of using the products, i have no more dandruff, and amazingly the amount of hair that fall from my head has decreased!!!

This is taken on 17th March 2010!!! notice that i have more hair that actually stayed longer on my head and grows healthier!! at this point of time, no more dandruff at all!!!

A more proper view of me head...

Taken @ the office on 25th March 2010. Shiny and moisturized hair, courtesy of the Gamat Gold Crystal!!

Taken @ home on 29th March. More hair continue to grow!!

Taken @ home on 9th April 2010. Less "space" on top of my head. More hair growing at …